Insurance Accepted:

Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Session Fee:

Initial evaluation: $175

Follow-up sessions: $160

There are both advantages and disadvantages to out-of-pocket payment for psychological services. The major disadvantage of such payment is that it is a larger expense for clients. However, several benefits of private pay may make the experience beneficial for you. These advantages include a higher level of confidentiality regarding your personal information, the lack of requirement for a mental health diagnosis, and greater control over the duration and frequency of therapy. Moreover, research suggests that clients who pay for treatment may have more positive outcomes because they feel motivated to “make the most of” their sessions.

If you would like to file for out-of-network reimbursement, I will gladly provide you with an itemized receipt to file with your insurance company. Reimbursement policies may vary widely from one insurance company to another. I encourage clients to contact their insurance company before their first appointment to inquire about their policies for out-of-network providers. To assist you with this process, I have provided the links to medical claim forms for the following insurance providers:

It is true that therapy involves an additional financial expense and a time commitment that may be difficult to manage in the midst of school and work obligations. However, the benefits you may experience from therapy can be life-changing. Whether you are addressing conflict in your marriage, improving communication with your adult child, or learning coping skills for anxiety and depression, the investment in therapy can be highly worthwhile. My goal is to use our time together wisely, so that you experience more peace and harmony in your life outside the therapy room.